Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taylor's month-by-month catch-up

Since I didn't start this blog until Taylor was nine months old, I wanted to share some pictures from each of her first eight months.  She has grown so much!  Here is the super quick catch up!

One month:  Like any new parents, having you, Taylor was a wonderful blessing and a life changing experience!  We didn't get much sleep the first week or so as you were up crying each night from about 2-5AM, yikes!  Happily it was a short period of time that even seems hard to remember now.

Aunt Katie and Lindsay came to visit you when
you were just a few days old!
Taylor and Harrison looked so thrilled, don't they :) 

At your 11 day check up you were up over your birth weight to 6lbs 14.75 ounces (10th %) and 19.5in long (25th %).  Your cord fell off the next day at 12 days old.

You had your first bottle from daddy on 6/5/12 at 5 1/2 weeks old!  And we got to see your first smile the next day on June 6th!

Two months:  At your two month check up you weighed 9lb 10 ounces and were 21.5in long.  Both 50th%.  Your head circumference was 38.5 cm, also 50th%.

Your first night in the crib was 6/12/12 at 6 1/2 weeks old. We were blessed that you started sleeping through the night at around 7 weeks old!    You did have a little colic and we spend about 6 weeks marching around, singing, swinging and rocking you from about 7-9pm.  This was much better timing since it was during normal waking hours for us even though we were sad to have you crying.  Maybe this is just a glimpse into a high maintenance personality!!

If you can't get them to stop crying, just cry with them!
You had your first beach trip at 7 weeks old.  We didn't know if this was a great idea or if we were crazy but the trip was a huge success!  We had a wonderful time with Pepaw, Meme, Aunt Kim, Uncle Josh and Kayla!

Beach trip to Orange Beach
Three months: You loved to be outside.  If you got upset we could walk outside with you and you would stop crying almost immediately.  You also loved to look at the stripped pattern on your diaper caddy when we changed you.  You were not a fan of tummy time and mommy and daddy felt accomplished if we could leave you on your belly for 2-3min!  You usually started crying right away! You also had this hilarious "lip" when you were sad.  It would make us laugh every time we saw it!
Attempting tummy time
Taylor's famous "lip"

Four months: You had your 4 month check up a little early because we wanted to get you your second set of shots before our trip to Seattle for Courtney's wedding!  At 14 1/2 weeks old you weighed 12 lbs 4.5 ounces and were 24in long.  You rolled from back to front for the first time on 8/22/12.

Cousins Garrett, Hailey and Matthew at Courtney's wedding
Pawpaw and his great granddaughter at Courtney's wedding!

Mommy went back to work after 16 wonderful (well lets be honest. . . exhausting, weepy, and wonderful :) ) weeks off with you.  Naly and Meme stayed with you during the week when mommy and daddy had to work.  This was so WONDERFUL and they took fabulous care of you as always!

Naly and Taylor
Kayla, MeMe and Taylor

Five months:  You finally started rolling more and from front to back too.  We all got to meet cousin Ty as he was born October 1st, the day after Buddy's birthday.  We can't wait to see the two of you grow up together!  You will have lots of fun and I'm sure get into lots of mischief too!  Daddy's work scheduled changed and you started going to Miss Vickie's during the week while we worked.  She has taken such good care of you!

Six months: At your 6 month check up you were up to 15lbs 13ounces, still in the 50th%.  Your length was 24.5in (not much longer than your 4 month check up and at the 15th%) and your head circumference was 43cm (50th%).  We gave you your first baby food!  You started with rice cereal and then progressed to veggies and then fruits.  Your favorite seems to be sweat peas!  And like your daddy you initially didn't seem to be such a fan of green beans but you tolerate them!

Seven months: We celebrated your first Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately you had your first viral infection.  Nothing too bad, just fever and some congestion.  Enough to make you feel yucky and want to cuddle a lot which we didn't mind one bit.  Happily you got better in a day or two!

Eight months: You still loved rolling all around the floor.  You started scrunching up your nose and breathing/blowing through it, which was pretty cute.  You started loving on your baby dolls you got for Christmas.  We had a wonderful first Christmas with you and felt very blessed you have you with us celebrating!

You also got your first "goose egg" on January 17th.  You were rolling around and rolled right into the corner of the entertainment center.  The "injury" definitely effected mommy and daddy much more than you :)

Life with you is a grand adventure!  We have had such fun so far and I can't wait to see everything else we are able to experience with you.

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