Saturday, February 9, 2013

Taylor 9 Months!

I know everyone says this but how on earth is our baby girl 9 months old already!?  Time seems to be moving along just as fast as everyone says it does.  Taylor, you are growing and learning new and fun things everyday!  You are such a happy baby and you are loved by so many!

At your 9 month check up you were back to 50th %tile for everything!  You weigh 18.5 lbs, you are 27.5 in long and your head circumference is 44.5cm.  No pumpkin head for you, as your daddy says!  We talked to your Pediatrician about ideas to get you to drink from a sippy cup because to you they are all just teething toys! :)  Momma and daddy are also nervous when we give you "solid foods" like puffs and other things because you put them in your mouth and love to "gag" on them and scare us!  You really aren't gagging but it sure gets our attention.  Who knew a silly thing like puffs would make us so nervous (obviously we need to chill a little!).  You also had a check up with the Urologist to check on that pesky kidney.  We were so happy to get a great report that everything still looks good! In fact we don't need to go back for a check up for 1 year, yay!  We praise the Lord for this!

You are learning so many sweet things!  You can give us kisses, play peek-a-boo, squeal in this lovely high pitched voice, and clap for yourself!  You have become quite chatty.  You make all sorts of sweet noises.  You definitely seem to be saying things that you know what they are but just seems to be sweet gibberish to us.  You say something that sounds like, "huh?" and that's pretty funny.  You still love to say dada and occasionally say mama, usually when you are tired and want to eat!

You have a very funny crawl.  The first official day was January 17th.  It's definitely an army crawl.  You started by basically dragging your whole back end and right side of your body across the floor as you did all the work with your left arm.  Now it is a little more "perfected" and symmetrical.  You LOVE to roll everywhere, in fact you are much quicker with rolling than crawling.  Your MeMe said daddy always rolled everywhere so it must be just another thing you have picked up from him.  Speaking of him, you still look JUST like him!  I literally hear at least one comment a day about how much you look like him or "there's mini Matt"!  I think you both are just as cute as you can be so it doesn't bother me one bit!

You love to point your pointer finger.  You started out with just one but now you like to point them both at the same time!  You have became extremely curious and you are always looking around or bending over to see what people are doing around the corner or in other rooms.

You also got some long awaited teeth! Two to be exact, the bottom two center incisors.  The first was the bottom left and it was almost immediately followed with the bottom right incisor.

Your favorite things to play with are wrapping paper, remotes, and phones.  You have your own toy phone and remote but you definitely would prefer the real ones!  You have certainly become a fan of our dog, Peyton.  When ever you see her in the morning you squeal with delight!  You love to watch her and grab at her tail, ears, or whatever is easiest to grab!

There really aren't many things you don't like these days.  You are such a happy baby!  You have become a little tricky when it comes to changing diapers because you are always moving around and trying to flip over.  You are an absolute delight and we love to see your ever expanding repertoire of tricks!

Happy Nine Months!

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