Saturday, March 9, 2013

Taylor 10 months!

We have hit the double digits!  Ten months old!  Taylor you just get more fun every day!  You are into EVERYTHING!  It is so amazing to see how fast you learn new things at this age.  In about a week and a half you went from crawling all over the place, to being able to sit yourself up without help, to pulling up on everything and now you are starting to cruise around.  We are definitely in "baby proofing" mode!

You love your toys but playing with Peyton's toys and things around the house sure seem to be your mission lately.  You and Peyton are never too far away from each other.  She doesn't seem to mind too much your pets and pokes!  I have found you with Peyton's bone more than once and she always seems to leave her toys close to you so you can quickly grab them!  You also love to gravitate to her food and water bowls.  Luckily Peyton doesn't leave food left in her bowl or I'm sure you would have had a taste of that by now :) 
Peyton and Taylor

Around the house you love playing with doors and the door stoppers.  You pull up a lot on the entertainment centers.  You love coming in the kitchen and playing with your barn and farm animal toy on the fridge. You also love to pull up and play with your activity table!  You are all about giving kisses to people and your favorite things.  Such a sweet girl!  

Giving kisses to your activity table!

Your favorite stuffed animal lately is a Beanie Buddy monkey that your Buddy gave you!  You crawl all the way into your room to your chair to grab it!  I even caught you trying to crawl down the hall with it the other day!

Still no more teeth for you although I keep saying any day your top middle teeth will come in. (However I think I've been saying that for a month now!)  You still are a great sleeper (thank the Lord for that!) and a very happy baby!  You are starting to say some new things too!  You say "thank you!" (more like dou dou!) and "bye bye".

We love the fantastic journey the Lord is taking us on with you!  You are the light of our lives!

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