Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lily Grace updates!

Y'all!! We got our update from Lily Grace's orphanage and we are just more in love every day!  She looks to be doing great!  We were able to send 10 questions to have answered as well as requesting photos and videos and we are pretty happy with the information we received.  Sometimes the questions aren't answered well and there are times when you may not receive videos but we got 3!  She is so dang cute!  I find myself doing the same things I did with Taylor and Madelyn when I was pregnant with them and they were born.  I remember looking at the expiration dates of the cheese when I was grocery shopping and getting excited when I started buying cheese that was at or past my due date.  I did the same thing once we had a pretty good idea of general travel time for Lily Grace and we are way past that mark!! ;)  The next step is looking for the expiration dates on the milk.  Am I the only crazy one that did/does that stuff?  Oh well. . . I also found myself counting her fingers and toes in all the pictures and commenting on her long feet and toes (my other girls had short chubby feet!).  She also looks like she might have some flat feet like her daddy!  Many of the things I did with Taylor and Madelyn, I am doing when we get new pictures of Lily Grace to soak up!

Also, some of the information is just something so sweet and we will cherish forever.  For instance, they said she loves to climb (yikes!) and seems to have no fear.  This sounds like her cousins!  They have not found anything that she is afraid of.  They also referred to her as an "active and naughty girl". . . I LOVE IT! Maybe not in high school but we have time to work on that! They also mentioned the name of her favorite friend which is just so amazing to know and be able to tell her as she grows up.  I'm pretty sure he is in one of the videos.  We were also happy to hear that she sleeps through the night. . . And all God's people said "Amen"!  Let's not let that Wallace child trend end!

We are so close to bringing her home and this new update just makes us more and more anxious to get to China and get our girl!  Our Article 5 pick up is scheduled for next Thursday and if all goes well with that, the only thing we will be waiting on is TRAVEL APPROVAL about a week or so later (fingers crossed).  Holy cow, we are close!  A little over a month away!

We are sending off her care package to her orphanage tomorrow.  We have included an outfit, a panda lovey, a beanie baby, a small toy, her photo album of her family, and a flash drive and camera with hopes to receive more pictures and videos of her first year.  There is no guarantee that the package will make it to her or that she will receive it so we have duplicates of most items.  We just want to start loving on our girl!

Lily Grace's care package!

Pray that the rest of the process continues to proceed smoothly.  Pray that Lily Grace stays safe until we can get to China and get her.  Pray for the precious nannies and caretakers who are filling in the gaps and caring for these sweet babies and children.  Pray for the many sweet families we have met along the way through this adoption process.  Some are just at the beginning, some are right where we are, some are about to meet their children, some have been home a short time and are in the trenches and some have been home for awhile but each of them hold such a special place in my heart!  Thank you for your love and support for our family!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


We have been busy little bees in the Wallace household these days!  As Matt says, I'm in full "nesting mode".  From a paperwork perspective we have made HUGE progress!  We received our 800 approval (US Government approving us to adopt Lily Grace officially), our Chinese VISAs are completed and we have received them, we received our GUZ# (big deal but not worth going into!), completed the initial process for Lily Grace's VISA which she will receive in China prior to our departure home, and received our letter from the National Visa Center stating they had forwarded our information to the US Consulate in China.  Whew. . . everything on our end that we can do at this point is done!  Tomorrow, our agency's facilitator in China should complete our Article 5 drop off at the Embassy and it will be picked up 2 weeks later.  This step is the process of reviewing all the paperwork, forms, etc thus far to make sure everything is correct and ready to go.  If so, once the pick up occurs, the paperwork is sent from Guangzhou to Beijing where the Chinese Adoption Agency headquarters is. We then wait for our Travel Approval (TA).  Once we have TA we can book hotels, flights, etc but not until then.

Signing Lily Grace's LOA and sending it off to China!
LOA signing, Letter of Action/Approval

At home, we are working on preparing for another little one joining the family!  Matt has been working crazy hard and helping to organize and arrange everything for Lily Grace's arrival.  He worked with our niece's boyfriend, Andrew, and friend to move essentially half of the furniture in our house one day!  I'm not sure Andrew will ever come back after all we had for him to do, but he and his friend were unbelievable helpers for us!  Our niece, Kayla, also helped clean and organize!  Taylor and Madelyn now share their new big girl room.  Madelyn is out of the nursery to make room for Lily Grace and they have loved their first few days together in their new room.  Madelyn has adjusted beautifully to her big girl bed.  We are so grateful.  And now, thankfully, we have a place to put Lily Grace's clothes and other items we have been slowly collecting and washing and purchasing!  It really is coming together!

Madelyn's first night in her big girl bed!

We are hoping to receive and update for Lily Grace in the next couple of weeks.  We are also in the process of sending off a care package to her in her orphanage.  We are including an outfit, lovey, small toy, camera with hopes that the nannies will take photos of her and her friends and caretakers at the orphanage, and a photo album of her family here so she can learn our faces and names.  We pray that she receives the care package but know there is no guarantee.  My sweet co-worker, Ying, who is from China was kind enough to translate the names of everyone in our photo album so the caretakers can teach Lily Grace who we are!  I am so grateful for her help and encouragement through this process.  It has been neat to have her perspective and understanding along the way.  The Lord is so good to place such special people in our paths throughout this journey!  

Ying, translating our names into Mandarin for Lily Grace's photo album!

Friends, travel is close!  If all goes as planned we will be leaving NEXT MONTH to bring Lily Grace home!  It seems to be happening so fast now.  My mind is racing with everything left to do, all the money left to pay, travel plans, adjustment once we are home and everything in between.  But I know the Lord is faithful.  He will provide everything we need in His perfect timing.  He is never late!  I am anxiously awaiting our trip and the day we meet our Lily Grace.  I am thankful for all of you for praying for us and supporting us along the way!