Sunday, July 2, 2017

Delayed. . .

Well we are still awaiting the pick up of our Article 5 from the United States Consulate in Guagzhou, China.  It was supposed to be ready on June 22nd but it could not be picked up.  After some "research" we found out that there is some discrepancy in the medical paperwork and one of our required files.  Due to the discrepancies, the  Consulate is requiring the CCCWA (China Adoption Agency) to clarify before they will issue the Article 5.  At this point I believe it is all a matter of semantics and paperwork issues and we are just at the mercy of when someone decides to get the paperwork completed. Of course, I really have no idea what the true problem is and who all is involved and if the Consulate will be satisfies with the additional information they received.  Again, we find ourselves in a position where we have no control and must just sit back and allow God to do His thing.  When I found out we were delayed I said, "OK Lord, we've done this once, I can do this again."  And I have found myself much calmer this time-most definitely a God thing!  I won't lie, it is disheartening to see families who received their approval the day we should have, receiving Travel Approval, booking flights and hotels, etc.  But I know it will all work out in the Lords timing.

A friend at work who has been through the adoption process sent me this quote and I love it!  So true and such great perspetive!

It's a weird feeling for our timeline to be completely out the window now.  I had so many dates planned in my head.  Everything was worked out perfectly and with my plans we would be to China and back home the week before Taylor started Kindergarten.  But again, the Lord had to put me in my place and remind me that my plans really don't matter and it's all about His plan in this situation and in our lives.  He needs no help.  He created the world and everything in it.  He brings orphans into families and beautifully redeems their story and our lives when we invite Him in.  So He doesn't need little ole me to figure out the timing for Him.  I also realized that I was so inwardly focused on our trip and this adoption that I was doing a terrible job of looking around at this world of hurting people I encounter every day.  It's a good reminder that just because our lives get busy, we still need to seek out opportunities to love on others who need encouragement and prayer each and every day.

On a fun note, our care package for Lily Grace arrived safely to China and should be at her Orphanage today!  It's crazy to think that she may be seeing pictures of our faces for the very first time!  We have known her for two and a half months and she has had no idea.  Even though she is too young to truly comprehend, it is so amazing to think about her seeing the faces of her momma and daddy and sisters and grandparents and family that already love her so much!  Even her doggy, Peyton!  I pray that the orphanage receives the package safely and shares the items with her and takes pictures for us! Matt and I both have been wondering how they sleep at night at the orphanage.  We talked about it last night.  Does a nanny sleep in the room with all the babies in the cribs?  Do they stay awake?  Is anyone even in the room with them?  So many questions and so many unknowns but we hope the time comes soon when we won't have to worry about all of those things and she will be home safe and sound with us.

Taylor talks about Lily Grace all the time!  She is quite the budding artist and always drawing pictures of our family.  She never draws a picture anymore without Lily Grace.  This is a picture she drew the other day of Lily Grace in China (to the left with the China flag) and the rest of us in the US (on the right with the American flag).  At the bottom is the airplane that we are going on to get her.  I love that the Lord is working on her heart to prepare her for Lily Grace's arrival!  Madelyn on the other hand. . . we shall see!  She is pretty possessive these days in her 3 year old way and continues to talk about "her crib" and "her room". . . so that should be fun.  ;)

Matt and I just celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary last week.  We were able to go out dinner and spending some time together- something that will surely be a rarity soon!  I found this picture and it's rare to have pictures of just the two of us together without kiddos!  Who would have known what adventures awaited us on this day 8 years ago!  The Lord has blessed us indeed!

Pray with us that the paperwork in our Article 5 would be resolved quickly.  This week will be two weeks that is has been delayed.  Pray that the CCCWA submits the paperwork that the Consulate requested and it would be enough to resolve the discrepancies.  Also pray that once it is completed that we receive our Travel Approval quickly and we can book flights without too much of a price hike.  (Tickets to China two weeks out from travel is not cheap!)  And pray for Lily Grace.  That she is safe until we get her.  That her nannies are caring for her and loving her until we can be there to care for her.  Thank you friends for being a part of our journey.  We hope to have good news soon!

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