Thursday, July 13, 2017


So here we are, just still waiting on our Article 5 pick up.  Yikes, this is no fun!  Over a 3 week delay at this point and still waiting.  We are doing everything possible to "speed" the process along.  Including making phone calls to China in the middle of the night (working hours their time) to discuss the logistics of where information is listed in medical files, etc., etc. and then relaying the correct information back to all other necessary parties.  It feels like a giant game of telephone, except each step is delayed by 12 hours due to the time change.  But that's what you do for your kids right?  You stay up until all hours of the night doing what you need to do to take care of them.  No matter if it costs over $2/min to talk on the phone, just to have a chance to convince the person on the other end to re-look at the information that he already has to make a decision that will allow you to move on to Travel Approval and fly halfway across the world to bring your baby girl home.  It feels desperate sometimes.  And then I remember. . . God's got this.  He knew this would happen.  He is not surprised and He is not desperate.  So I place my confidence in Him.  Not in our government, or China's government who seem to be so difficult and slow to respond. The Lord can change our cirmumstances at any given moment.  So I just trust in Him and His timing.

Amazing shirt my Aunt Linda found at the beach!
Lily Grace has her own brand! :)
Meanwhile, in God's amazing grace and provision, we found out that we have received a $2500 matching grant through Lifesong for Orphans and funded by our wonderful church, Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett, TN!  Wow, what an amazing blessing!  We are hoping to raise $2500 and then the grant will match with another $2500.  Such a tangible way the Lord has continued to show His presence and encouragement to us throughout this journey.  Our total adoption expenses will end up around $38,000 when all is said and done so this will certainly help ease some of the burden towards the end which seems to be so expensive.
This is the puzzle for "Pieces of Love for Lily Grace"

To raise the funds, we are selling puzzle pieces for a 262 piece puzzle that will be displayed in a double sided frame in Lily Grace's room.  We are calling our fundraiser "Pieces of Love for Lily Grace" and each piece is $10.  We will write the names of each person on the back of the puzzle piece it represents so we can tell her about the many family and friends who have encouraged, supported and prayed for her and our family along this journey.  We are off to a great start!  About 33% of the pieces have been claimed!  We can not say thank you enough!  

Would you consider purchasing a piece for $10 for your family, each child,
grandchild or special person in your life?
I was not prepared for how overwhelmed I would be to see the names represented on the puzzle pieces.  As I look at the names, I am reminded about how good God is too us.  He has placed so many amazing people in our lives.  We have seen Him work in so many of your stories.  We have seen Him bring children into families who waited so long for them,  He has shaped us as parents through encouragement and friendship from you, He has brought you into our lives to share and carry our adoption worries and struggles, and He continues to show up in the amazing plans He has in each of your lives.  I am beyond humbled for myself and my family to be surrounded by such amazing family, friends, coworkers, adoption family, and church members!  If you would like a piece, you can donate to or send a check payable to "Lifesong for Orphans" with "Wallace 7071" in the memo to ensure the money goes to the correct account.  The check can be mailed to Lifesong for Orphans, PO Box 40, Gridley, IL 61744.

We so appreciate all the support, prayers and well wishes we continue to receive.  A huge prayer request is that the US Consulate would receive the clarification they want in order to issue our Article 5 so we can continue to Travel Approval.  If you could pray for this we would be so grateful!  And continue to pray for Lily Grace's safety until we arrive!  We just want to get to our girl!

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