Saturday, April 6, 2013

Taylor 11 months!

Wow!  What a busy month this has been for Miss Taylor!  We thought she was into everything last month, well she is even busier this month!  Something tells me this is going to be a theme for a while. Getting the 11 months pictures was quite a challenge! 

We are having so much fun watching you explore the world Taylor!  You love to pull up and cruise around everywhere.  You are a big fan (like most babies) of tupperware bowls and lids.  Usually we can keep you occupied for a few minutes with that while we do dishes or clean up (ha! is that possible with babies and toddlers?) or cook dinner.  You still love your barn animal magnet for the fridge too.  You also LOVE standing at the dishwasher while we load and unload dishes. 

I don't know who made this mess!
Upstairs we have lots of your toys to play with but you seem to be equally entertained by the printer, paper, stickers, pens, markers and all sorts of other things you probably shouldn't be getting into :)  You do love to pull up and look out the window.  Mommy was able to get a sweet picture of you and Peyton looking out the window together at the rain one day! Next to the window is a round metal container that you love to beat like a drum.   

Taylor and Peyton watching the rain!
You have been a little stinker in the eating department lately.  Even though you have always loved any type of baby food we gave you, recently you will hardly take more than two bites.  You still aren't a fan of anything with texture.  You will put a puff or noodle or cookie in your mouth, maybe chew it a time or two, and promptly spit it out.  You are more interested in feeding Peyton your food it seems!  And Peyton is always happy to be of service.

You say all sorts of things, we just can't understand what they are most of the time! You love waving and saying "Bye, bye!".  New words you have learned are "uh-oh", "diaper", "baba" (bottle), and at Mrs. Vickie's she said you tried to mimic her saying "Where's George" after the toy George monkey fell out of viewing!  Such a smart girl you are!

Still no more teeth!  Just the two bottom teeth you got at eight months.  We will surely be seeing more soon.  You are growing up so fast it is hard to believe.  You are going, going, going, non-stop all the time.  Daddy and Naly both say that you go from sleeping to immediately sitting straight up in your bed ready to go!  No laying and resting and gradually waking up for you!  Occasionally you will fall asleep while I nurse you at night and daddy and I get to fight over who can rock you awhile while you sleep.  You still put your arm over your face when you are falling asleep like you have since you were born.  We even have ultrasound pictures of you doing the same thing! We cherish these sweet special moments even more now that they are not as common.  When I get to rock you while you sleep, I always pray and thank God for you.  I pray that He keeps you safe and helps us to be good parents to you, showing you how much God loves you and cares for you. 

We love you so very much!  Can't believe in a few short weeks we will be celebrating your first birthday!

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