Saturday, April 27, 2013

Taylor - ONE YEAR!

My, my, my, time has really flown!  It's crazy to think that a year ago today we were meeting our sweet girl.  What a delight and blessing God has given us with you Taylor! What fun and entertainment you have brought to our family.  You are growing up and becoming more and more like a big girl every day.

You finally got 2 more teeth, the 2 top middle teeth, on Easter!  You point at everything these days and say something when you are pointing, we just don't know what that something is :)  You have learned how to turn light switches off and on.  You are still as active as ever.  You have learned to crawl up the stairs, which caused mommy and daddy to quickly get the baby gate up!  You also love to rock yourself back and forth in your carseat, sometimes you get going so fast I think you might rock all the way over!  You have also started to become quite the climber these days.  You are hearing "sit on your bottom" a lot throughout the day. :)  You still love playing in the kitchen and you love pulling down the dish towel and throwing it around.  You love brushing your hair when we are getting you ready in the morning.

Your monkey is still one of your favorite toys!  You also love you Violet Leapfrog labtop and you have found the button that plays "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" along with making some other sounds. You press the button over and over skipping all the sounds until it starts playing "twinkle, twinkle, little star" and then you listen to the whole song!  And then you start all over again, we can usually hear that song at least 10 songs on a car trip!  You also have started "singing" along with it. . . so incredibly adorable!

After not being the greatest eater over the past few weeks, you are starting to come around a little.  You still absolutely LOVE green beans and will eat them over just about anything.  You also like tomatoes.  It is so funny to see you enjoying so many veggies since mommy and daddy are not the best about eating them.

At your 12 month check up we found out you actually lost weight over the last three months.  Only a few ounces but we are officially trying to bulk you up.  Your weight is 18lbs 3oz.  Height is 27.5in, which was about the same as your 9 month visit.  Your head got bigger though, up to 47cm.  We were told that you needed to gain 3 pounds in 3 months!  You were also a little anemic so we had to start you on a multivitamin with iron which smells pretty yucky.

Taylor, mommy and daddy love you so very very much!  You are such a sweet girl.  You have filled our lives with joy and we are entertained by you always.  The Lord has truly blessed us with your life and we pray that we can always be great parents to you, filling your life with joy, love and learning about how special you are to us and God.

Happy first birthday Taylor!

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