Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break in Pontotoc

We had a great visit to see Aunt Ashley, Uncle JT and Ty over their Spring Break!  While it was a short trip, we packed in lots of fun things and had a fantastic time!

We arrived late on Monday evening.  We relaxed and let Taylor and Ty play together.  They were up until 10:30!! Yikes!  The adults watched a movie after putting the babies to bed and I successfully fell asleep after about 10 minutes of the movie, in my usual fashion.  The next morning we had homemade waffles (thanks to JT!), bacon and sausage.  Ashley even made me a fancy mocha, I felt like I was at a coffee shop!

After breakfast and playing for a little bit we put the babies down for a nap.  Shockingly we got them both asleep in the same room without disturbing each other! AMAZING!  I am really not sure how people with twins, etc. do that on a regular basis!
The boys and their babies

After a nap we spent some time outside and the boys kicked around a ball with the dogs.  Well actually, Shadow played with the ball and Peyton pretty much wandered around.  I don't think she knew what to do with herself in all the open space :)

We then went to a beautiful park just around the corner.  The weather was wonderful and it was Taylor's first trip to the park! She loved the swing.  We just relaxed, pushed Taylor and Ty in the swings, played on the slide and enjoyed some time in a park swing overlooking a beautiful view!
Taylor loved her first swinging experience!
Wee!  This is fun!
Wallace Family

Ty chillin in the swing!
Thompson Family
Sharing a swing!

After the park we stopped by the local snow cone hut (I guess it's a hut, not sure what to call it!) for a treat before dinner.  We finished the day with mexican after the babies napped again.

It was so nice just to hang out with family and enjoy a beautiful day God gave us.  It really has me excited for Spring and Summer.  We hope for many more days like this one!  Thank you Lord for our family that we love so very much!

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