Tuesday, April 17, 2018

8 (and a half) months in our arms!

So I've super slacked this month getting a timely post out.  We don't have too much new to report.  We have just been enjoying this crazy busy thing called life.  Easter was great this year.  We always have such a great time with activities leading up to Easter Sunday.  Our neighborhood puts on one of my favorite events all year for the family.  We have an Easter Egg Hunt, a petting zoo, mini train ride, crafts, visit from the Easter Bunny and horses to ride!  It was a great day with friends!  Our fabulous church also had an Easter Egg hunt.  This year based on the age breakdown, all three girls were in different hunts.  Holy Moly that was a lot of running back and forth or this momma to try and get pictures!  Luckily, Naly and Buddy were there with us to help out.  Needless to say, between the hunts and two sets of grandparents, candy was not lacking in our house (and still isn't!).

We got to celebrate a big anniversary this month.  Good Friday will also be even more special than the amazing day it represents to us.  Not only because we remember the ultimate sacrifice and gift by Jesus, which is the most amazing gift we could hope for.  But, it is the day we saw the face our Lily Grace for the first time.  I have a terrible memory about major life events so when I can vividly remember something, that's saying a lot.  ;)  I can literally see, hear and feel what happened that day while standing outside Cracker Barrel.  So in honor of one year from the day we said, "That's our girl", we celebrated at the place we "met" a year ago.  And all of our girls downed some yummy pankcakes and biscuits to celebrate!

The place we saw Lily Grace's face for the first time!

It seems like Lily Grace is picking up new words and phrases all the time.  I wouldn't say she has had her "verbal explosion" that most people say will come, but she will repeat almost anything you say and is saying more and more unprompted.  We still seem to find ourselves at doctors appointments almost every week for one thing or another.  Mostly interventions or follow ups.  We have really been praying through a big decision about a potential surgery for her but no decision yet.  We so appreciate everyone who has been praying for us and continue to pray for the Lord to direct our paths in the right direction for Lily Grace.  The good news is that it isn't anything causing a medical problem.  She is still a healthy girl and we are so thankful for that!  She is topping out at a whopping 22lbs and 31in which gets her to about 10% on the growth chart for height but still below the chart for weight, but we are making progress!  She is just gonna be a petite thing and we are just fine with that!

Katie and Josh's wedding :)

She continues to love her books!  She also likes to draw and often mimics her big sisters when they are coloring or working on homework.  She adores her blanket from her Aunt Sharon and carries it around everywhere she goes.  She is still loving to go in the closet and put on her sisters boots or play heels along with hats!  She is a dress up girl!  The climbing also continues in full force.  Tables, chairs, up her highchair, on the swing set, anywhere she can get.  Her newest party trick is to take every article of clothing, including her diaper off, during naptime.  It's definitely an effective way to get us in the room! She's also becoming more and more aware of the potty-ing situation.  We are "practicing" going potty sometimes and she will try but it's more just for fun at this point.

She's always watching her big sister

Someone was a fan of the shoestring fries!!

We are so blessed with our little family.  The days are busy and full of life and hugs and kisses and crying and fighting and laughter and worry and happiness and everything in between.  But we know Who has us in the palm of His hand.  The Lord is so good and we are so grateful for 8 (and a half) months as a family of 5!

Both our families after Taylor's baptism

Taylor, with our Pastor (Bro. Danny) before her baptism.

Camel rides at the zoo!

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