Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lily Grace's Adoption Journey Video

Well, it's no professional production.  But we finally have our families journey to Lily Grace's documented on video.  There is a lot more I wanted to do with it but to be honest our free trial was about to expire and it didn't want to loose the whole thing! ;)  

Many of these songs have so much meaning for us.  The first one is a song that our kids sang in Sunday School at church.  It was one of Taylor's favorite songs to sing.  We heard it so much during the beginning stages of our journey to Lily Grace and I love the words of "following our Leader through the Glorious unknown".  Boy did we ever!  Taylor would have us play the song in our house and we would have dance parties in the kitchen with "Saddle Up Your Horses" playing.  Another song was from Casting Crowns, a fav Christian band of ours.  But I hadn't heard the song until a friend from High School told me about it and as I listened to it for the first time early in our process I had tears streaming down my face and knew it would one day be in this video.  

And I did allow Matt one pick!  And I will say it was a good one!  He did have visions of "Walking in Memphis" to be playing with video of us coming down the escalator at the airport to our family with Lily Grace. ;)  But I'll be honest, I flat out refused!  And he sang that dang song about 50 times while we were in flight going to China and coming home.  We did not get the video at the airport that would have made that classic entry down happen anyway.  Half our family was one place and the other half another as we didn't have our phones on to communicate the "plan".  So as we were coming down, they were coming up, etc.  We could hear the girls calling our names as we went down the escalator but we couldn't turn around in time to get to them.  So we all circled around for a bit until we finally found each other.  See. . . it wasn't meant to be! 

I also only gave him one selection, as I had been planning this in my head for over a year and he just wanted to swoop in at the end and make selections.  That sounds terrible now that I'm typing it out but I literally dreamed and thought about our child for so long-as did Matt in his own way.  But one of the ways I processed things was through listening to music.  I would hear these, and other songs, and just cry and cry in the car, the shower, the house, wherever.  Not sad tears.  Just processing tears.  Sometimes happy, sometimes anxious, sometimes worried, sometimes wondering.  It's amazing what music can do for a person.  One of the songs came on when I was at a conference with my sister and some of my best friends last year, and the second it came on- instant tears.  I would play them in the car and Matt would look over at me like "Really?!?!" because he knew I would have tears shortly thereafter.  I don't know, maybe I'm crazy or something.  And maybe he just didn't want to hear my "singing" which he says (and I fully believe) is not even in the same octave. But the Lord would speak to me through music so many times and if I heard one of these songs or a few others I would just come undone.  But I wanted to come undone because it was for our child-one who we didn't even know yet, but we now know as Lily Grace YaXuan Wallace.  Our sweet, beautiful, feisty, third beautiful baby girl!

This is nothing fancy. But neither are we.  Just five little broken people, allowing the Lord to work His beauty in our lives.  He has started such a fantastic journey that we are on and looking back I just love to see His fingerprints all along the way.  One day (soon before I forget too many) I am going write down all the specific ways we saw (and continue to see) Him work through this journey.  And the most amazing thing is He was working in so many more ways than we even knew.  But I am so thankful that He gave us the glimpses to help build our Faith.  If you are even remotely thinking of adoption, we would love to talk to you about it! It is a beautiful, hard, emotional, faith-building, worth-every-single-moment-of-stress, life changing process!

Hope you enjoy our video!  We can't thank you enough for helping us make this possible!

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