Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving in Atlanta!

We had a great trip to Atlanta to celebrate Thanksgiving with Uncle Richard, Aunt Linda, Memaw and many of our cousins! We were even able to spend time with our cousin Zach who is currently training for the Army in close by Fort Benning, GA.  It was great to see and spend time with him for the first time in many years!  For Thanksgiving dinner we all pitched in to make some fabulous food!  We has fried turkey (a first for me!), ham and all sorts of other delicious food!  It was so nice just to spend time together as a family.  We even got to see Aunt Jana and Uncle Jim for a little while after they got back in town.  After our trip we were able to bring Memaw back to spend some time with us in Memphis for Christmas.  It was definitely busy chasing around after two little ones- but there will only be more to chase after in the future!  It is so crazy that all the cousins are getting so old these days!  Hailey is a sophomore at Auburn, Matthew and Garrett (the youngest of this crew) are both in high school, Zach is starting his career in the Army, and Ashley and I are both married with babies!  It is just crazy to me.

Ashley, Hailey, Jenn and Matthew

Handsome Matthew and Ty

The whole crew

Memaw with some of her grandkids

Buddy and Naly with their grandbabies

Matt entertaining the kids with the iPad-one of the few times they were both still!

We also went to the Georgia Aquarium with the kids while we were in Atlanta.  They really enjoyed seeing all of the fish and other sea creatures!  We even went to a Dolphin show and they were both mesmerized to see the dolphins jumping and swimming around with the trainers.

Free cokes from the Coke Museum as we went to the Aquarium!

Taylor and Ty playing the the Christmas display outside the Aquarium

Daddy and Taylor hanging with the Penguins

We have so much to be thankful to the Lord for this year- good health, growing babies, new additions to the family, our jobs, time spent with family and friends, and countless other blessings in our lives!

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